Endurance, Faith, Forgiveness: A Burundi Genocide Survivor’s Story


“Joseph Nsabimbona is a 1993 Burundi genocide survivor. This book is a genuine attempt to share his life experience and to testify the extent to which God has helped and rescued him. Born to members of the Baganwa aristocracy, his misfortune began at an early age with the loss of his father. His mother was left to work manual labor to feed her eight children.

“However, despite the misfortune of his upbringing and against all odds, Joseph has managed to work his way through, surviving the Burundi genocide, periods of displacement and homelessness, and to achieve a status which we all envy. What is quite striking in Joseph’s life experience is the fact that he was brought up in a very deeply caring and loving environment where he was taught to respect every human being irrespective of one’s wealth or ethnic origin and to be grateful to God for whatever life would throw at him.”

~ H.R.H. Princess Esther Kamatari


I was captivated by the book. It reminded me that God is always at work in lives even when we don’t see anything changing.
— Pam Harris

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